Whitetail Institute Renews Corporate Partnership with QDMA

ATHENS, GA – The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is pleased to announce that the Whitetail Institute has renewed its corporate partnership with QDMA for 2018, extending a relationship established more than a decade ago.

“We’re excited to be continuing a long and mutually beneficial relationship with QDMA,” said Ray Scott, President of Whitetail Institute. “Interestingly, both QDMA and the Whitetail Institute will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary in 2018. We’re proud to have started the food plot revolution and we’re proud to be recognized as the leader in the food plot category, and we are also proud to have been working with QDMA for decades.”

The Whitetail Institute was founded in 1988, marking the beginning of the deer-nutrition and food-plot industries. The Institute focuses solely on research, development and testing to provide the top performing products in the industry. The Institute’s mission is to provide the best possible food plot and other deer nutrition products to help deer hunters and managers improve the quality of deer, and back those products up with timely, knowledgeable customer service.

“Both the similarities and successes of these two organizations are astonishing,” said Steve Levi, QDMA Director of Corporate Relations. “For as long as QDMA has been the authority on all things whitetail, Whitetail Institute has been improving the quality of deer habitat. We’re honored to have the continued support of Whitetail Institute as we both celebrate these significant milestones.”

“The education that QDMA provides along with the education and products from Whitetail Institute has helped dramatically improve the quality of the deer and deer habitat that we all love,” said Ray Scott. “Whitetail Institute customers are enjoying their best hunting ever and many have stated that they enjoy planting food plots and managing the habitat as much as they do the hunting itself. It is rewarding to us to hear those type comments. Although they flew by, 30 years is a long time and we look forward to the next 30.”

For more information about the Whitetail Institute, visit their website at http://www.whitetailinstitute.com/

About QDMA
Founded in 1988, QDMA is a national nonprofit wildlife conservation organization with 60,000 members in all 50 states and Canada, and several foreign countries. QDMA is dedicated to ensuring the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage. To learn more about QDMA and why it is the future of deer hunting, call 800-209-3337 or visit www.QDMA.com