With the increased popularity of adventure photographers, travel bloggers, brand influencers and ambassadors, it’s no wonder that Overlanding is blowing up in the social media world. Some of the best adventure stories on Pinterest and Instagram take place on a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler or a custom built off-road military vehicle of any variety. However, there are without a doubt, certain occasions that occur along every Overland trip where your mothership vehicle just can’t quite get through. With a QuietKat E-bike you can get further off that beaten path and to more of those destinations your overland vehicle can’t quite reach.

If you’ve been overlanding, you’ve been there – miles-in on a dirt road, crawling into the sunrise without a single thought of turning around. Then the road turns into a double track – still no second thoughts. But then the double track ends and your stuck on a single-track trail in a dense forest and no way to continue on. With a specific destination in mind, most of us would start up the old chevro-legs and walk the rest of the way, but what if you didn’t have to?

“Quiet”Kat – Nothing to Shut Up About

QuietKat All Terrain, All Electric Bicycles are making a come up in the Overlanding industry as a must-have accessory for every off-road adventure. These rugged machines will take you 40+ miles further up the trail on a single battery and will overcome any obstacle your overland vehicle can take on and then some.

Don’t feel like you need to work harder to get to that majestic mountain view or the torrential waterfall still four miles up the path. Based out of Eagle, Colorado, QuietKat

E-bikes are manufactured to withstand any elements and designed to take on the craggiest trails and even unmarked terrain. The 4.5-inch – 4.8-inch tires glide over almost any surface and the suspension makes for a smooth ride, even over the harshest landscapes.

A Multi-Purpose Tool

While Overlanding is about staying away from the crowds and exploring the unknown, there is no way to avoid going into the city or largely populated area with your excursion vehicle every once in a while, to re-fuel, re-energize, and/or take in the city life and culture. But that large overland vehicle can be a pain in the butt to park and maneuver around the city streets. You’ll go crazy if you have to find parking for that tank more than twice in a metropolis. QuietKat E-bikes will come in handy when you’re simply trying to get from one spot to another in the crowded streets of largely populated township.

Park your overland vehicle and mount onto an E-bike to get to and from your hotel, hostel, restaurants, bars and wherever else the city streets may take you!

An Accessory Inside of Your Accessory

One of the best things about these E-bikes, and similar to your bad-ass overland vehicle, is that QuietKat’s are very customizable with a wide variety of accessory items. They have waterproof saddle bags, rear pannier racks, spotlights, and even cargo trailer options that will instantly turn a mere E-bicycle into its own form of overland vehicle. Soon, QuietKat will be manufacturing an item that will make them 100% carbon-footprint-free: a portable solar charger manufactured specifically for their E-bikes. The harnessing of this kind of groundbreaking technology raises further questions – are QuietKat Electric Bikes really just an overland vehicle? And How far could one go using just one of these insanely rugged electric bikes?